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11th Convention October, 14/15, 2000
Main Theme: Railroads along the West Coast from Alaska to Mexico
Side Theme: Diesel & Steam Locos of ALCO

On october 14/15, the 11th Convention for American Railroadfans was held in Adliswil. Following first informations, the visitorrecord of 1998 (3,000 visitors) was broken. Over the whole convention, a little bit more than 4,000 visitors came to see all the wonderful models shown their. Also, the convention-dinner on saturday evening was filled up with 300 people their..

Following some photos from the convention. Please excuse, that they are most narrow gauge, but this photos are my private collection, and I'm an hardcore-narrow-gauger.

The cash-register in form of an locomotive and an caboose
Both ticket-boothes on early saturday morning, not overcrowded yet.

My exhibition-model, a 3
My exhibition-model, a 3" scale narrow gauge diesel engine for 7.25" track.


Gauge80 - a wooden railroad with radio-control, built for therapie. The gauge is 80 mm and the scale around 1:14.

Timber Trestle in On30
A wooden trestle for the Bachmann On30-Passengertrain, built by Max W. Hintermann, Zuerich

Appalachian Indian Summer Logo  Appalachian Indian Summer On30-layout  Appalachian Indian Summer On30-layout
A beautyful built On30-layout in the Narrow Gauge Corner

 World of Music Bulding
inspired by an Elvis-song, the builder created this record-store in 1/4" scale.

Dease Lake 1  Dease Lake2  Dease Lake 3
Dease Lake & Northern in Britsh Columbia,
an N-scale layout with working ferry over the Dease Lake. The lake contains around 80 Liter of water.
This modul-layout was constructed by Thomas Kuen, Uwe Mauermair and Alexander Rudin from Munich, germany

This was in my opinion (and not only in my) the most impressive layout of the convention.

Beside the layouts and models of the exhibitors the American Layoutcenter Adliswil was open for layout-tours. This tours where often overcrowded. Following two photos of the On3-layout and three of the Hon3-layout.
On3 Layout  On3 Layout
Impressions of the On3-layout.

 HOn3 Layout  HOn3 Layout  HOn3 Layout
Impressions of the HOn3-layout

But not only inside the buildings we had american feeling and decoration, outside some american cars where placed. As example you can see this GMC-truck with an firefighter Dodge-truck. With this photo I close my tour and hope, that there will be another convention in future.

GMC-Truck with Dodge-firefighter-truck.

Hubert Wetekamp

A visitor from France, Mr. Jean-Louis Simonet, has produced an picture-page with around 60 photos.
Please visit also the traiN'ternet homepage.
Both pages are available in english, and the traiN'ternet homepage in french too.

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