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until june 10, 1999)

Welcome to the exciting world of Otrains and 1:48 scale modeling around the globe, including 7mm.

The original "Oscaletrains" internet mailing list was created 1997-01-20 and was renamed "Otrains" on June 9, 1999 when it moved to the Onelist Group. Onelist became Egroups and Egroups eventually became Yahoogroups.
One june 09, 2005, suddenly Otrains disappeared from the yahoo-groups.
Otrains was the most popular mailing list on the internet for O scale standard gauge.

Think of this as a favorite hobby shop. Let's talk Oscaletrains. Proto:48,
highrail, standard gauge, narrow gauge....

Bobber Gibbs, listowner

The new home for OTRAINS is

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