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The 3rd Indoor Live Steam Festival
january 08-10, 1999
Sinsheim fair ground

Holger, the founder of our group, on his brandnew train in scale 1:3.3

Archie, who lives in the neighbourhood of Holger, on his selfpowered wood flatcar.
The prototype for this model was built by the manufacturer Puch of Austria during the World War 1 period.
It was a selfpowered truck with a 5 (metric) horse-power motor and was coupled with another truck and a bridge, which could be changed.

My engine, coupled to Holger's train, as I took a rest.

The brandnew dieselengine Deutz OMZ 122 in scale 3" (1:4) of the manufacturer THUL, Moenchengladbach, Germany

The steam-engine FRANZISKA with a string of also new sidedump gondolas, also produced by THUL

More pictures about my new 3" scale diesel-locomoitive.
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